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  • Dessert

    Hot Chocolate Pudding

    Ahhhh hot chocolate pudding. I find coziness in the name. That’s what chocolate make me feel. Knew I’m gonna make this dessert when I saw David Lebovitz’s post. What’s so superb about…

  • Dessert

    Pistachio Macaron

    Pistachio macaron is our first choice in our virgin attempt at making macaron at home… sis and me that is. We always join force when making macaron because it’s a tedious job…

  • Dessert

    Green Tea Tart

    When it comes to cakes and ice-cream, green tea is one of my favorite flavors. What about green tea tart? Oh yeah that got me curious. So far I’ve make this tart…

  • Dessert, How To

    Vanilla Custard Tart

    Like the delicious butter cake recipe, this beautiful vanilla custard tart is another fine way to enjoy the very best flavour of vanilla. This flexible recipe lets you make either a 9″…