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  • Chinese, Condiment

    Grandma’s Garlic Chili Sauce

    This garlic chili sauce is my very own grandma’s recipe. Back in those days, there were no such thing as tomato sauce or chili sauce. So my grandma came up with her…

  • Chinese, Side Dish, Snack

    Spicy Tea Eggs

    This spicy tea eggs recipe is made from star anise and black Chinese tea. It’s so simple to make and the beautiful marbling effect is pretty awesome. But you know what? I…

  • Chinese, Seafood, Side Dish

    Braised Prawns Szechuan Style

    What’s Chinese New Year without a prawn dish, right? I decided to try this simple recipe making use of chili bean paste, a spicy bean paste that’s famous in Szechuan cuisine. In…

  • Chinese

    Pot Stickers (Chinese Pan-Fried Dumplings)

    Pot stickers (鍋貼 guōtiē) aka Chinese pan-fried dumplings is a significant dish for Chinese New Year. I can hear some of you moaning ‘Not again, dumplings?’. What can I say? Yup dumplings.…