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  • Appetizer

    Sweet Potato Bacon Roll

    This sweet potato bacon roll is an amuse-bouche. Pronounced as a’myuz bush. It’s French for ‘amuse the mouth’; a small bite before the meal begins. It’s a complimentary appetizer. Complimentary because amuse-bouche…

  • Appetizer, Snack

    Garlic & Vegetable Bruschetta

    I got hold of a lovely french bread or baguette the other day from Jaya Grocer. I didn’t plan to get anything from the bakery actually but the heavenly smell of freshly…

  • Appetizer, Dip, Mexican, Recipes

    Classic Guacamole Recipe

    Guacamole is a Mexican dip, snack, appetizer made from avocado. And it is one of my favorite snack. This is how I first fall head over heels with avocado… with the introduction…