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  • Italian, Pork

    Meatza Margherita

    Have you ever heard of meat crust pizza before? Say what? Meat.Crust.Pizza, as in using meat as a pizza crust, as in bye-bye dough-based pizza crust for now. Instead of pizza, it’s…

  • Italian, Sauce

    Simple Pomarola (Tuscan Tomato Sauce)

    Since a long time ago I am intrigued by the red-colored sauce called tomato sauce. I don’t mean tomato ketchup (condiment) though I am interested to make my own one day. In…

  • Chicken

    Bacon Cheddar Hasselback Chicken

    Here’s another favorite ingredient of mine, chicken breast! While most people dislike chicken breast, saying it’s the most unappetizing/low quality part of the chicken and hail thigh, drumstick or wing as the…