Welcome to Messy Witchen. 🤗

My name is Amy and I love cooking, baking and eating (quite a glutton). I used to wonder how anyone can cook without a recipe. I can say that I’m now at that stage. Turns out cooking frequently can build this kind of skill. Can I also bake without a recipe? Well, I for sure am going to find out.

You must be wondering what and why the name Messy Witchen. Messy because I am a really messy person. Crumbs everywhere as if my mouth has holes and ingredients+things dropping and dripping when I am working my magic in the kitchen. Witchen derives from ‘kitchen’. I want to share my cooking and baking magic to everyone, hence the witchy effect in the name.

This is a food, recipe and dining reviews blog. It’s a place for me to share recipes, techniques and food adventure. Along the way, I hope to improve my culinary skills as well as photography and content writing.

I hope you liked the recipes in Messy Witchen.

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