Welcome to Messy Witchen. 🤗

My name is Amy and I love cooking, baking and eating (quite a glutton). I used to wonder how anyone can cook without a recipe. I can say that I’m now at that stage. Turns out cooking frequently can build this kind of skill. Can I also bake without a recipe? Well, I for sure am going to find out.

You must be wondering what and why the name Messy Witchen. Messy because I am a really messy person. Ingredients & things dropping and dripping when I am working my magic in the kitchen and crumbs everywhere as if my mouth has holes when I’m eating! Witchen derives from ‘kitchen’. I want to share my cooking and baking magic to everyone, hence the witchy effect in the name.

This is a food; recipes and dining reviews blog. It’s a place for me to share recipes, techniques, how-tos and food adventure. Along the way, I hope to improve my cooking and baking skills as well as photography and content writing.

I founded The Food Workshop in late 2017 because I am passionate about eating simple good food; food made with real ingredients and minimally processed. Our small batch made to order products are as follows: pure lard, cookies, loaf and spice. Please come and visit the online shop.

I hope you like the recipes at Messy Witchen and are trying it out. If you would like to get the latest post notifications, please sign up to Messy Witchen by email.

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