Welcome! I’m Amy.

I’m a I cook, I bake & I eat person. Although I started liking baking first, then cooking I find that I excel better in the latter. I’m a fan of David Rocco and David Lebovitz.

My mom’s a I eat person. She has tonnes of cookbooks & recipes cut-out from papers & magazines of yesteryear… untouched! My dad is a I cook & I eat person. My plan is to uncover his culinary secret especially his YUMMYLICIOUS porridge. He had us at hello from a very young age. (Oh it’s that porridge!)

This is a food~recipe~dining blog. A place for me to share recipes & glorious food adventure. A place for me to improve my baking & culinary skills & also share my baking/cooking failure attempts.

Messy Witchen. What’s in the name?

Messy Witchen = Messy Kitchen (with a witchy effect).

I’m a messy person when it comes to eating (you can ask my friends how messy it is). And I can be a VERY messy person too when I’m cooking & baking. Things flying around, fridge door left open, bits of ingredients popping up everywhere including the floor, etc. All in all it’s a huge M.E.S.S. Tsk, I’m improving as the time goes by.

So yes… welcome to my Messy Witchen! *hugs* 😀

Pssst, you can also find me at Che-Cheh (my personal blog).

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