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  • Pan Fried Turmeric & Paprika Salmon

    Pan Fried Turmeric & Paprika Salmon

    This week, let’s continue with my love for turmeric and paprika. I’ve always like turmeric and paprika and the reason why I’ve been utilizing them more than usual is because my sis…

  • Carrot Halwa – Gajar Halwa
    Dessert, Indian

    Carrot Halwa – Gajar Halwa

    Carrot halwa or gajar halwa (gajrela) is a sweet dish from Punjab, India. Halwa means sweets or candy in Arabic while carrot is called gajar in Gujarati. Now don’t ask me how…

  • Carrot Kheer – Gajar Kheer
    Dessert, Indian

    Carrot Kheer – Gajar Kheer

    Mom bought several cookery books during last year’s Big Bad Wolf sale. One of them is called Cooking With Asian Roots. This book boost some really interesting recipes using roots and for…

  • Peanut Butter Carrot Dog Birthday Cake

    Peanut Butter Carrot Dog Birthday Cake

    Happy Birthday Chester! My golden retriever turns 8 today. You’re still cute as ever despite turning 61 (human years). 😛 We celebrated his birthday a day earlier with a simple peanut butter…

  • Osmanthus ‘Gui Hua’ Beancurd
    Chinese, Tofu

    Osmanthus ‘Gui Hua’ Beancurd

    When I saw this recipe in my favorite Beancurd Flavor book, I knew I gotta try it. Osmanthus ‘Gui Hua’ Beancurd is sort of a replica of Osmanthus Shark Fin dish that…

  • Stir-Fry Sweet 4 Color Vegetables
    Side Dish, Vegetable

    Stir-Fry Sweet 4 Color Vegetables

    This delicious 4 color vegetables dish is a joint effort ‘invention’ by my dad and yours truly. Dad chooses the 4 vegetables while I cook ’em with no direction in particular. I…