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Greek Yogurt with Lingonberry Jam & Elderflower Cordial

by Che-Cheh on May 25, 2013 2,637 views

in Dessert

Seriously speaking I am not a fan of Jamie Oliver. I was but not anymore. Now don’t spank me before hearing my story. He’s a genius cook, I acknowledge that. Me being not a fan anymore is because I had several failure with his recipes. I know it’s really my own fault and not his. But then with these failure, I’m not really that keen or confidence in utilizing my low-grade skill on his recipes anymore. So I sorta fall out of love…

Greek Yogurt with Lingonberry Jam & Elderflower Cordial

I’ve not touched JO’s recipe for a good 2 years and today I decided to try one that’s super super simple. Don’t think I’ll go wrong with it since it’s a dessert.


Basically all you need is Greek yogurt, lingonberry jam and elderflower cordial. You can get the jam and cordial from Ikea. The Greek yogurt (my first time trying) is from Nestle. Basically I don’t know what to expect with these 3 combination. Will it taste good?

Greek Yogurt with Lingonberry Jam & Elderflower Cordial

Well, guess what? This dessert is quite addictive. I kinda like it. It is tangy and sweet. Make sure you mix well until combine before giving it a taste. And if you don’t like the tangy-ness add more jam (sweet to counter sour).

Greek Yogurt with Lingonberry Jam & Elderflower Cordial
Adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Something For The Weekend
Serves 2

250g good quality Greek yogurt (or natural yogurt)
2 heapful tablespoons lingonberry jam (subs with blueberry jam or any other jam you like)
4 tablespoons elderflower cordial
2 sprigs of fresh mint

1. Divide yogurt between 2 dessert bowls or small glasses.

2. Spoon over lingonberry jam and cover with elderflower cordial.

3. Top with a sprig of mint. Chill before serving.

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