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Best Nyonya Chang @ East & West Rendezvous Cafe, Melaka

by Che-Cheh on October 24, 2014 66 views

in Melaka

We get to know about East & West Rendezvous Cafe from blogs. It was said that this cafe has the best nyonya chang in town. Being a big fan of nyonya chang of course we couldn’t let this opportunity slide away. We ordered a nyonya chang to be shared among four of us (yes, hahaha) and if it’s good we will buy more. Accompanying the nyonya chang is two bowls of cendol; our 3rd of the day. Seems like we’re on cendol hunt eh? Our first bowl of cendol was from Baba Low and the second bowl from Jonker 88. I’m not going to write about Jonker 88 cendol as they are below average.

Nyonya Chang (Dumpling) @ East & West Rendezvous Cafe, Melaka
The heavenly nyonya chang. I forgot to take a photo before it was cut up. Haha. It really was the best I’ve eaten. The glutinous rice is cooked to perfection and the spices (rempah) is rich and flavorful. This is definitely my kind of nyonya chang. Not to be missed.
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Yummy Nyonya Kuih (Cakes) @ Baba Charlie, Melaka

by Che-Cheh on October 22, 2014 192 views

in Talk Food

After our breakfast at 486 Baba Low, we went Nyonya kuih shopping at Baba Charlie. Baba Charlie is located at a small lane directly opposite the road where Baba Low is located (across Jalan Tengkera). So it’s wise to stop at Baba Low and Baba Charlie all at one go when you’re in Jalan Tengkera.

Baba Charlie @ Melaka
The first thing you see once you step into their humble shop cum house.
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486 Baba Low @ Melaka

October 20, 2014
Nyonya Laksa @ 486 Baba Low, Melaka

I went to Melaka at the end of September this year with my family. Our main aim is to eat, eat and eat. It was a fulfilling journey both in our tummies and spirit. We went on a Monday therefore tourist were few and there’s no need to queue for anything! Our first stop for […]

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Avocado Coconut Ice-Cream

October 11, 2014
Avocado Coconut Ice-Cream

Are you an avocado lover? I sure am. Ever since I saw this avocado coconut ice-cream post at David Lebovitz’s blog, I know I gotta make it. Making ice-cream is an easy task and so is this ice-cream. I use store-bought santan (coconut milk) for this recipe. I think I will go for fresh santan […]

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Gim Gui – Roasted Seaweed

October 3, 2014
Roasted Seaweed

Roasted seaweed or 김구이 gim gui is usually eaten with rice as banchan (side dish) or as snack. I’m sure you’ve seen little packet of salty roasted seaweed sold in supermarket and have even bought and eat it. The funny thing is when I was holidaying in South Korea I was never offered gim gui […]

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오설록티하우스 O’Sulloc Tea House @ Seoul, South Korea

September 16, 2014
Green Tea Latte O'Sulloc Tea House @ Insadong, Seoul, South Korea

O‘Sulloc is a large producer of tea (especially green tea) from Jeju Island. I did not visit their museum in Jeju but I did give their tea house a visit at Insadong, Seoul. It was right after dinner (also at Insadong) in a restaurant called 좋은씨앗 Joheun Shiat on day 14 of our South Korea […]

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떡카페 질시루 Jilsiru Tteok Cafe @ Seoul, South Korea

September 13, 2014
Korean Traditional Cakes from Jilsiru Tteok Cafe @ Seoul, South Korea

Jilsiru is a cafe selling traditional Korean snack such as tteok (rice cakes), hangwa (traditional cookies) and traditional beverages. Located at the same building with Tteok Museum, it’s just a stone throw away from our Stay In GAM hostel. We had previously visited Insadong thinking Jilsiru was there but found out they have relocated at […]

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유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dalk Galbi @ Seoul, South Korea

September 10, 2014
Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice @ Yoogane Dalk Galbi Restaurant, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

After shopping at Gangnam Underground Shopping Center on day 14 of our South Korea trip, we searched shops near to Gangnam subway for lunch. After much dilly dally, we settled on 유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dalk Galbi Restaurant. Reason because we wanted to try dalk galbi and also cooking on our table experience. Dalk galbi 닭갈비 is […]

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