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오설록티하우스 O’Sulloc Tea House @ Seoul, South Korea

by Che-Cheh on September 16, 2014 141 views

in Seoul

O‘Sulloc is a large producer of tea (especially green tea) from Jeju Island. I did not visit their museum in Jeju but I did give their tea house a visit at Insadong, Seoul. It was right after dinner (also at Insadong) in a restaurant called 좋은씨앗 Joheun Shiat on day 14 of our South Korea trip, we decided to give O’Sulloc a visit for the second time. Our first visit (previous day) to this Insadong branch only had us takeaway their cakes. Since it was delicious and we got two O’Sulloc vouchers, we decided to stop by the second time for their teas as well.

O'Sulloc Tea House @ Insadong, Seoul, South Korea
Great ambience. I love the earthy decor. Second floor is even amazing.
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떡카페 질시루 Jilsiru Tteok Cafe @ Seoul, South Korea

by Che-Cheh on September 13, 2014 197 views

in Seoul

Jilsiru is a cafe selling traditional Korean snack such as tteok (rice cakes), hangwa (traditional cookies) and traditional beverages. Located at the same building with Tteok Museum, it’s just a stone throw away from our Stay In GAM hostel. We had previously visited Insadong thinking Jilsiru was there but found out they have relocated at Tteok Museum. We have visited Jilsiru on day 10 previously but because we love the snack so much, we visited them again on day 14 of our South Korea trip (a day before we bade goodbye to South Korea).

Jilsiru Tteok Cafe @ Seoul, South Korea
Tteok and hangwa on the counter. Let’s grab and grab!
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유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dalk Galbi @ Seoul, South Korea

September 10, 2014
Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice @ Yoogane Dalk Galbi Restaurant, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

After shopping at Gangnam Underground Shopping Center on day 14 of our South Korea trip, we searched shops near to Gangnam subway for lunch. After much dilly dally, we settled on 유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dalk Galbi Restaurant. Reason because we wanted to try dalk galbi and also cooking on our table experience. Dalk galbi 닭갈비 is […]

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Single Yolk Lotus Paste Mooncake & Mooncake Biscuits

September 7, 2014
Single Yolk Lotus Paste Mooncake

Happy mid-autumn festival! This festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. With mid-autumn festival, two very important things come to play; the mooncakes and lanterns! I love both. :) Remember my previous Homemade Lotus Seed Paste post? Now’s the time to utilize those lotus seed paste for […]

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Homemade Lotus Seed Paste For Mooncake Filling

September 3, 2014
Homemade Lotus Seed Paste

When my sister told me she wanted to make mooncake, I welcome her idea with open arms. After all it’s not her first time making mooncake. Then she continued “I want to make lotus seed paste from scratch too”. I thought I heard her wrongly. Why? Why bother when we can easily get the mooncake […]

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반하는 보쌈 & 밥상 Banhaneun Bossam & Bapsang @ Seoul, South Korea

September 1, 2014
Banhaneun Bossam & Bapsang @ Coex Mall, Seoul, South Korea

After visiting Bongeunsa Temple at Samseongdong, Gangnam on day 13 of our South Korea trip, we went to Coex Mall which is just opposite the temple. We scanned the mall for food we haven’t tried before and finally settle on bossam for lunch at this 반하는 보쌈 & 밥상 Banhaneun Bossam & Bapsang Restaurant. Bossam […]

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삼청동 수제비 Samcheongdong Sujebi @ Seoul, South Korea

August 26, 2014
Samcheongdong Sujebi @ Samcheongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Not having any idea what to eat for lunch after visiting Bukchon Hanok Village on day 12, we chanced upon this old sujebi restaurant in the midst of modern and hip Samcheongdong in Seoul. Sujebi is a traditional soup dish made from hand torn dough with vegetables. It’s similar to our Chinese dish called mee […]

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Kalguksu Alley at Namdaemun Market @ Seoul, South Korea

August 20, 2014
Kalguksu Alley @ Namdaemun Market, Seoul, South Korea

At Namdaemun Market in Seoul there are two very famous food alleys namely kalguksu alley (kalguksu 칼국수 means handmade knife-cut noodles) and galchi jorim alley (galchi jorim 갈치조림 means braised hairtail fish). I went to kalguksu alley on day 11 of my South Korea trip for an early lunch around 11.30am. Map of kalguksu alley […]

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