Gluten & Dairy Free Macadamia Brownies

Gluten free and dairy free dessert are quite sought after nowadays. Not because it’s hip or anything but because of health issue such as celiac disease and lactose intolerance. So today I decided to share this gluten and dairy free macadamia brownies so everyone can enjoy. This recipe is adapted from Rachel Allen’s Cake.

Gluten & Dairy Free Macadamia Brownies
So wonderful! Do try it ya.
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Fish, Quick & Easy

Healthy Steamed Salmon with Mushrooms

I usually pan-fry my salmon fillet but I got tired of it. So I tried steaming the salmon one day and it was so good. I usually prepare the ingredients in the foil a day beforehand. On the day itself, I just need to add lemon juice and steam it. Super easy for lazy busy people. Not only that, it’s super healthy and delicious too. All the goodness like the steam juice captured inside the sealed foil… ohh heavenly.

Healthy Steamed Salmon with Mushrooms
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Chinese New Year Cookies: Laksa Cookies

I was intrigued by this laksa cookies found in Flavours magazine many moons ago. Laksa cookies? Never heard of it or tasted it before. Interesting!!! However I was put off by the many ingredients involved. Turns out I only need to buy as little as 4 ingredients as most of them are already available in my pantry. Wohoo. Let me be frank with you. It took me 5 hours just to make 1 batch of 59 cookies. Definitely not worth anyone’s time. But if you’re as curious as me feel free to try this really unique cookie for Chinese New Year.

Laksa Cookies
Lovely laksa cookies!
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Chinese, Side Dish

Braised Arrowheads With Mushrooms

Since Chinese New Year is few weeks away, arrowhead or ngaku is abundantly found in supermarkets and markets in Malaysia. My dad cooked an arrowhead side dish for Chinese New Year last year. I found that I quite like the texture and taste. So this year I created an arrowhead Chinese New Year recipe paired with mushrooms and fatt choy. Hope you like it.

Braised Arrowheads with Mushrooms
Braised arrowheads with mushrooms. Yum!
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Kuala Lumpur

Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

I missed my chance dining at Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan when I was there in 2011. Who knew they would open a branch right here in Kuala Lumpur? With just less than a month after its opening in Mid Valley City, I braved the loooong-ish queue to get a taste of the famous dim sum from this Hong Kong’s Michelin Star restaurant. I went with very high expectation since I’ve heard good reviews of their dim sum in Hong Kong.

Queuing @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
I started queuing around 10.05am with at least 40 persons in front of me (4 rows). Got seated around 10.50am. That’s 45 minutes of queuing. Not bad I would say for mid morning Saturday.
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Petaling Jaya

Ming Heong 明香 @ Taman Paramount, PJ

I found Ming Heong by pure accident. We were hanging out at the Sunday night market (pasar malam) at Paramount and saw this hawker stall with quite a good amount of patrons. Not only that, the smell coming from Ming Heong’s kitchen were pure wonderment. So we decided to give Ming Heong a try.

Chinese Menu @ Ming Heong, Taman Paramount
There is no English menu. The only menu is this white board menu written in Chinese.
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